Codie Lea

Really there are SO MANY forms of creativity in action, that you don’t have to be an artist or a musician or a writer to cultivate your creative genius.

Healing & Creativity

So many of the chronic caretakers, myself included, have spent years putting other people before our own health and wellness. But what happens is we have nothing left to give.

Wonder Woman, it’s ok to Take off Your Cape

Do you feel like sometimes life is spinning way faster than you can control leaving you anxious, overwhelmed, and feeling like you are never going to catch up?

Learning to Control What You Can

So often we are busting our chops to take care of the people around us that we love, that we care about. But what happens when we need to be there for ourselves?

Healing for the People Pleasers & Chronic Caretakers

What is inherent in the chase for perfection is a judgment of lack, unworthiness, and not good enough. It is always a chase, something to one day “get to”.

Releasing Perfection to Relish Life Experience.

I get it my friend. The struggle is real. You want to work on yourself, you want to be more positive, change your thoughts, and experience more happiness, but you are SO BUSY! But let’s take a moment, and check ourself. Are you really ‘Too Busy’ or are you just Distracting yourself? I hear it […]

Working on Yourself: Too Busy or Distracted?

What does it mean to really “hold space” for your emotions? What does that look like? How does it work? And how does it help?  I recently talked about this topic on my YouTube channel as well as on the Everyday Wise Woman Podcast. You can check out the Video here or the Podcast here, […]

Holding Space for Your Emotions

Last night I woke in the middle of the night needing a potty break. So I did my business but as you know, when you wake up sometimes, all of a sudden your brain just clicks on? Yeah, and your brain can sometimes go out of control… Conversation last night with my brain: Brain: What […]

Marriage & the Brain

What is our addiction to being “Busy” all about? I mean what do we get out of it? Stress? Anxiety? Worry? A shorter life span? Our days racing away from us, only to look back and see one day how much of it all we truly missed out on? Yes, Yes, Yes, YES AND YES!! […]

Addiction to Busy

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Spent the day re-doing my entire studio, and boy does it feel amazing in there now! I took out an old couch that has spent many adventurous years with me, but it showed. It was all torn up and falling apart. Said my good-byes. Then I was able to move everything around, making space. Do […]

Studio Overhaul