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Addiction to Busy

What is our addiction to being “Busy” all about?
I mean what do we get out of it?
A shorter life span?
Our days racing away from us, only to look back and see one day how much of it all we truly missed out on?

Yes, Yes, Yes, YES AND YES!!

Yes, we get full lives, but are we fulfilled?
Yes we get the satisfaction of accomplishing things, but do we enjoy the process, the final outcome, any of it?
Yes we are praised for doing so much and keeping it all together, but what do we sacrifice in the process?
Yes, it defines our sense of worthiness, our feeling of being “Good Enough”, but is that really how we want to define who we are?

I think not. I think we get a whole pile of crap with a side of bullshit to win a tiny glimpse of Joy and happiness that is fleeting because, let’s be honest, we are not giving ourselves permission to even experience our own joy and happiness. Doesn’t really matter that we crave it day in and day out. It’s like we are a junky waiting for our next hit of joy and happiness, only allowing ourselves to receive it when we have satisfied the Dominatrix, the Mistress, of “Busy”.

This. Is. Hell.

And we create it. We feed it. We feed it to ourselves, our friends, our loved ones. We cultivate a culture of it, a community of it, and we then buy into it. We compete for it, we live for it.

Yet we have no life.

So, Can I give you something?

Being busy doesn’t define your worth. You being “Good Enough” doesn’t depend on how full your calendar is, how much you have going on, and your long list of daily to-do’s. And now that you know this, you have a choice. And now that you know, you can’t actually unknown it.

Your choice is simple, but trust me when I say, it isn’t entirely easy. Your choice is to continue the way you always have, a slave to the Mistress of “Busy”, or redefine what it means to be “Good Enough”, what it means to be worthy. And my friend I want to let you in on a small secret that is super powerful, and incredibly simple (which actually makes it quite challenging to put into practice), and that is Joy is the cornerstone of your worthiness, your enough-ness, and everything you create in your life.

Let me repeat that….
Joy is the cornerstone or your worth.
Joy is the cornerstone of truly being “enough”.
Joy is the cornerstone of everything you want to create.

When it isn’t, you truly become the slave.

Let joy in, in every way, in every moment, for any reason.

And also, let me be clear, business and being joyfully busy are two very VERY different things my friend. Think about it.

Think about a time where you were having fun working on some project you were hugely passionate about, excited about, and you were having fun creating it.
Did time just fly by?
Did you feel both amazing and accomplished?
Did you feel connection and worthiness?
Did you feel happiness, success, and fulfillment?

And in all of it, did you once ever question your sense of worth and value, wondering if you were good enough?

No you didn’t, because JOY WAS THE CORNERSTONE!

My friend, make joy and happiness in your life a non-negotiable. And for God’s sake, LOVE YOUR FUCKING LIFE! And ruthlessly cut out that which keeps you from loving it.

Because you’re worth it.





Addiction to Busy

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