Codie Lea

Studio Overhaul

Spent the day re-doing my entire studio, and boy does it feel amazing in there now! I took out an old couch that has spent many adventurous years with me, but it showed. It was all torn up and falling apart. Said my good-byes.

Then I was able to move everything around, making space. Do you know how good space feels? Even brought in my old shoe book shelf. (Yes I had a book shelf for my shoes). That thing came in super handy as I was finally able to organize all the small stuff I had cluttering my desk. Which honestly, for the last several months I haven’t seen the bottom of…

I even organized all my paint… by color… I mean, who am I? More organized than I have ever been in my life. But now I can’t wait to create!!

Check out all my hard work and the beautiful outcome!

Codie Lea





Studio Overhaul

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