Your Heart is Calling. Will you follow?

Your Guide to Live Empowered

Codie Lea

Holistic Transformational Practitioner


Guide Me!

Do you feel like you are giving 110%, yet feel resentful that others are hardly giving back in return?

Do you feel burnt out from the constant push and grind, deeply yearning for the runaway train to finally stop so you can get off?

Do you quietly long to know and understand what to do with your life, how to follow your own inner authority?

Do you feel directionless, disconnected from yourself, despite how much you are doing?

Do you struggle to feel recognized, valued and appreciated in your life?

Well my dear, you are not alone.

And, all that frustration and exhaustion you are feeling, is truly inviting you to something deeper and bigger. To a breakthrough.

I know you feel it in your heart. This quiet whisper emanating from you, asking you to listen, to feel, to know, and to live your Truth. You just don’t know how to yet.

But how could you, with all the noise of life. All the running to-do lists, the constant circling of deadlines, bills, kids appointments, and friends and family that always need you. How can you catch your breath? Let alone know what your body and heart are trying to say to you? 

We live in a culture that, up until recently, has valued outer authority over inner truth. A culture that yells over each other pushing you to do more, be better, and never stop!

The value of quiet space and time is dismissed as a waste, ultimately keeping you distracted from your Self. And when you do get a moment to be with your Self, it can feel so foreign, and sometimes deeply emotional, it might scare you. Not because it’s actually a bad thing, but because it’s truly unexplored territory. 

This is where I come in. 

I want to be your guide in this unexplored inner landscape. 

I want you to know you hold the answers, deep in your body, your heart, and your mind.

I want you to tap into the gifts of your soul, your whole being.

I want you to know how your inner authority communicates and what holistic alignment truly means.

But this can be like exploring the un-walked path of the rainforest!

You wouldn’t go into that jungle without a guide, would you?. I mean you might, and then end up bit by fire ants, lost in a mud pit, and running from Puranas (maybe similar to your emotional landscape? I kid!!), but you might survive just fine. Just get stuck walking in circles.

But a guide helps you turn what could be a life time of stumbling around, into an epic expedition. A fantastic journey, that gets to be shared & celebrated, allowing you to find and live your profound gifts with the world.

This is what I invite you into.

You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!


"Codie has helped me dive in and find a space within that I had forgotten was there."  - Whitney

My Approach 

Gentleness: The world is hard enough, and we are hard enough on ourselves. My desire is for you to know gentleness so that you can learn to be gentle with yourself. And ultimately, truly blossom, in your own space and time. 

Patience: This is not a race, nor do I offer instant gratification. I offer a tried and true path of the inward journey, the journey through the body, through the fabric of inner nature, and the spirit. Therefore, awakens can not be rushed, but loved into reality like a gardener loves a blooming orchid.

Integrity: I do this work along side you. Not above on the mountain, not from the head of the table, not on a pillar above you. I am like a mountain guide, I know the mountain well because I have hiked it many times. But, you an I are hiking together. I do this work as much as you do, every single moment of every day. That is how I know I can be your guide.

Joy: “Breakthrough can only occur in a state of relaxation and play.” - Richard Rudd. I invite you into the joy and playfulness of your own transformation. The work is really, but truly sticks when we are open hearted. And what creates more open heartedness than playful joy? Celebration & curiosity are a cornerstone of how I employ Joy in my work as a guide. Because when you are like a kid, even failure can be fun!

Live Empowered

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Our most important and sacred work right now, is to cultivate the inner landscape of our being. To embrace the joy, growth, vibrancy, and personal empowerment that lives within.

Join me and this thriving community that are embarking on the journey to Live Deeply Empowered.

I'm in!