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Working on Yourself: Too Busy or Distracted?

I get it my friend. The struggle is real. You want to work on yourself, you want to be more positive, change your thoughts, and experience more happiness, but you are SO BUSY! But let’s take a moment, and check ourself. Are you really ‘Too Busy’ or are you just Distracting yourself?

I hear it all the time…
“I wish XYZ was different!”
“I wish I could change my thinking!”
“I am so tired on my boss…my boyfriend…my girlfriend…my kids!”
“I don’t want to adult anymore!”

But when given the opportunity to change or dive into the work to have what it is you want you say…
“I’ll do it tomorrow!”
“I’m too busy!”
“When everything calms down, then I will deal with changing/meditating/journaling/taking care of me…”
“I have to help [Insert family, friends, anyone but you] first, then I will take care of me.”

But nothing ever changes!

Well, the buck stops here. Let’s call out those ways we are actually “Distracting” ourselves from our own transformation.

Awareness is the first step my friends!





Working on Yourself: Too Busy or Distracted?

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