Codie Lea


After changing my “hustle for worthiness” and “settling for less” lifestyle into a dream life better than I ever could imagine, trust me when I say, I get you my friend.

You want to truly feel contentment, happiness, and a deep sense of purpose with your life.

You want to be grounded and centered, confident that you can handle anything life hands you with ease and grace.

But more than anything, you want to feel you’re good enough, exactly as you are. 

No more hustling for your worthiness and settling for less!

You are working hard for everyone around you and sacrificing your health and happiness in the process.


You feel like you are on a hamster wheel, just going through the motions but struggling with feeling like it’s never enough.


You are constantly busy, scattered and moving in too many directions at once, leaving you exhausted and frustrated.


You are living in a fog with no clear direction, while you feel a calling in your heart that there is more to this life. 


You struggle with feeling like you are loosing control of your life, while at the same time ready to throw in the towel and give up on adulting.


And what you haven’t told anyone is that you are feeling empty, hopeless, and afraid that this might just be as good as it gets.


Does this sound like you...

If you are feeling this my dear, then you are in the right place.

In fact, you are on the brink of your greatest transformation yet, and everything you have ever dreamed of is at hand.

From one badass woman to another... 

Your time is Now.

Now Imagine...

If you do allow yourself to wonder what you might want, you feel selfish even voicing it out loud or asking for it from those in your life, afraid you might upset them or make them unhappy.

You then feel overwhelmed, run down, burnt out and exhausted. Then you snap at your husband, your kids, and your loved ones because you are feeling so miserable.

The truth is, you don’t have to live constantly frustrated with things not working out, exhausted trying to meet everyone else expectations, while feeling like you aren't actually living YOUR life. 

Because living the rest of your life, in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction, becoming grumpy, negative, alone, and miserable, is no way to truly live.

You’ve spent your life prioritizing other peoples wants and needs ahead of yours, not even allowing yourself to ask, “what do I want in this moment?”

Truly feeling content and happy as your way of being. You know how you got there and how to stay in that being no matter what life throws at you.


You have a job you love that is fulfilling and full of purpose.


Your family is thriving, full of deep connections and freedom.


Your entire world, from your career to your relationships, to your home to your wardrobe are in alignment with your truth.


Your sense of value is defined from within, from your being, and nothing else.


Thank you for guiding me to set my own course in a way that not only better serves me but those around me. - Heather

 I reinforced within myself that it is ok to feel my feelings, but still go after what I want. -Kandy

"Codie has helped me dive in and find a space within that I had forgotten was there." - Whitney


But you only get to live the life you dream of, when you boldly embody your truth, which begins with you investing in you.

We can’t become whole by just fixing one area of ourselves. I believe that our mind, body and spirit are truly connected. With this in mind:
I work with you, one-on-one, tailoring everything we do to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to go. 
You will move through what keeps you feeling stuck, held back, and disconnected allowing you to find unshakable truth and joy. 
We will explore different tools, from energy work, to visualization work, to Coaching, to massage, to mediation, whatever is needed for you to transform what isn’t working into what will work.
You will learn the knowledge your body has to share, and how to listen to your internal wisdom and intuition. 
I believe that with the right tools and understanding, you can learn to look within for your answers, and therefore come from a place of inner knowing in all areas of your life. 

Introducing BodyMind & Soul Coaching

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Tools for healing negative self talk and grounding you into Joy.


A coach to hlep you every step up the way, supporting your journey.


A group of like minded women, growing and supporting each other in a powerful community.


Individualized coaching program that meets you where you are.


Permission to be your most amazing Self.


Guided meditations and transformational online content.


I'm Codie.

I am a woman just like you. I used to exhaust myself hustling for worth and value, from everything outside of me, my relationships, my career, my success, my education. No matter what, it was never enough, because I was seeking outside of me, what I needed to cultivate within. 

I saw countless women struggling to fill all the roles in their life, while at the same time berating themselves for all the ways they felt they were falling short. These were amazing, bad*ss, heart center women, dedicated to being there for loved ones, standing up for what they believe in, and giving so much of themselves to every area of their life. I saw these women and I saw myself. And feeling unworthy or not-good enough was no longer an option. 


I then read book after book, blog after blog, went to seminars, retreats, workshops, hired a coach, and over several years, transformed my self and my life into something I am madly in love with. I then became incredibly passionate about helping other women life their truth, know their value, live a life full of joy, peace, and love. And I wanted to help women see that their life is a powerful legacy, and it means something to the world for them to fully show up.

BodyMind and Soul coaching is different, because I help you go from where you are, just surviving, to where you want to go, wildly thriving. You will learn tools to help you navigate any situation in your life, and it all is integrate through your whole being, body, mind and soul.


- Amy

Mentally I was putting myself in a box and I was playing by rules that were created internally and externally. I had lost my sense of playfulness. Through working with Codie I began to realize that I don't have to live my life in accordance with preconditioned construct. Now I feel more comfortable as me. In order for me to be me, I had to remember what comfortable felt like.



I have know Codie for several years. She has always been a voice of reason, asking the deeper questions to get to the root of any issues you may have in your life. She is real, down to earth, and empathetic. I always love talking with her and listening to her insights which are profound. Since knowing her, she has helped me overcome obstacles in work, relationships, and within myself. I am a better and happier person because of Codie! I highly recommend her if you are ready to dive in and do the work.



Having Codie as a soul coach has been absolutely life changing. The positive results I have seen have been more than I ever expected. I have discovered my worth, I recognize my value, & I handle the challenges life brings with SO much more grace and acceptance for myself! I cannot thank Codie enough for being my biggest cheer leader, and believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. She is AMAZING!


The only one who can keep you from your greatest success, is you. 

You are the creator of your life, and what you want begins with how you show up, how you respond, what you choose to feel, and your frame of mind.

Are you ready to truly take back the ownership of your life?
Or are you content to continue to stay a victim to everything that is happening to you?

It is ultimately your choice.

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You're ready if...

When you show up for yourself, in a way you never have before, I guarantee you will change.

You are a Powerful badass heart-centered woman who wants to live with authenticity, integrity, joy and compassion.


You are ready take 100% personal responsibility for your story.


You are ready to invest in yourself and your life.


You are ready to receive support to live the life of your dreams. 


You want to be a part of a community of like-minded women supporting each other.


You’re ready to fully claim your brilliance and LIVE IT


Someone who knows there is more to this life and you have a purpose.


You are Ready to know your truth, speak your truth, & LIVE your truth.


You are Ready to know your truth, speak your truth, & LIVE your truth.

You are tired of saying one day, some day, maybe tomorrow.



You blame everyone and everything outside of yourself for your problems.

You are perfectly content to stay small, quiet, and without a voice in life.
You makes excuses for why things won’t work out.
You argues for your limitations.
You really doesn’t want to change, no matter how miserable you are.

If you’d like to know more about working with me, and the impact BodyMind & Soul Coaching can have on your life, I’d love to hear from you. Just book a call with Me

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