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Tinker Time

I am often asked about how I create my sound wave paintings. Or even how I came up with the idea. To be honest, it was this one time way back when, I was just tinkering and playing in the studio. I have learned that one AMAZING work of art, usually comes out of lots and lots of really bad firsts (much like my love life, but lets not de-rail…). So I created fun time, or Tinker Time (said with a booming superhero voice). This is time where I just play around, try new things, make ugly peices, and solve the worlds problems. (Ok maybe not that last part yet, but I am sure it is coming!)

I came up with the sound wave paintings out of merely playing around with ideas. I had a desire to capture the essence of a feeling, which made me think of energy, which then led to waves, which then led to SOUND WAVES! Natural progression of course!

So my very first sound wave was the phrase “I love you” which I absolutely fell in love it. And after that, well, here we are! I can’t wait to see what we can create together!

Here is a little video I created that shows my entire process of creating a sound wave painting from beginning to end. Now all the mystery is gone!





Tinker Time

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