4 Month Guided Journey to

Are you yearning to know what your purpose is through your Life's Work? Want to know how to see your greatest challenges as gifts in your life?
Then let's begin!

Activate Your Purpose

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>>You long to discover purpose.
>>You long TO know YOURSELf.


You begin here, my friend. In this four month Guided Journey, you will get to explore the depth of your purpose through your life’s work, the challenges you face, the gifts you are here to give and the core of the anchoring of your true being.

Using the framework of the Gene Keys activation sequence as a means to explore your purpose, being, and challenges in a new way, we will explore 4 spheres:

Want to Get Clarity + Take Action? I got you dear!

Life's Work

What are the Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys connect the I-Ching, a 5,000 year old divination system, with the genes in your DNA. This invites you to contemplate your own unique gene sequence in a new light. Like a beautiful treasure map, given to you by the universe at your creation on this earth, the Gene Keys invite you on a journey of self discovery.

“Gene Keys are a grand synthesis of practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.” - Richard Rudd

Together over the four months, we will follow the Gene Keys Activation Sequence which feels like awakening wisdom that has been sleeping in your DNA. We will explore through contemplation, learning to “pause”, through inquiry, playfulness and gentleness, what your own personal gene keys has to teach you. Each student will be doing this individually through the course work online as well as collectively through our once a month meetups and online community discussions. 

You Begin Within. Through inquiry & playfulness.

Activate Your Purpose

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Often, people think that purpose is about Doing, when it is really about your Being.  

The difference is doing something because that’s what the world told you was the way to success, i.e. become a doctor, v.s. Following your passion for imagination and becoming the top graphic designer for Disney. One road follows outer influence, the other follows inner direction.

Following your inner direction is what the focus of the 4 months is all about. 

Following the Path of our Fourth month journey...

Who you are Being in the world is much more powerful that what you are Doing. In fact, your Doing should come from your embodied Being.

Month One, Life’s Work: This sphere is about the outer expression of your life. It is about your purpose in actions, shared with the world.

Month Two, Evolution: This sphere is about the challenges you will face that will help to bring out your radiance.

Month Four, Purpose: This sphere is about the deep body and inner experience of your purpose. What you are here to learn and experience and give to the world through your Being.

Month Three, Radiance: This sphere is about your attractor field, the energy that magnetizes your life experiences to you.

The Four Months+ Spheres


>>Have you ever wondered what your shadows have to teach you? The gene keys helps you understand what they are, why they are here and what you can learn from them. Our Shadow of Impatience is actually teaching Patience.

>>Do you work work work and you never feel satisfied…this journey will help you identify what is deeply satisfying in your life. 

>>Maybe you have a gift you don't even know you have..the gene keys can help you discover it! 

>>Your outer work may change (working as a pharmacist then opening up a bakery business) but your highest purpose always stays the same (Purpose of Initiative). 

>>Just like a snowy day needs certain conditions to produce snow, we each need certain conditions to create breakthroughs…the gene keys will help guide us each to produce the conditions we need to serve our highest purpose. 

>>Reframe challenges to be fuel to push you forward into your creative genius. 

I want in!

A community of Like minded individuals to support you

Month One: Life's Work In Embodiment
Month Two: Evolution and the Challenges You Face
Month Three: Your Radiance and Your Magnetizing Gifts
Month Four: The Purpose of Your Being

Four Months of guided Group coaching Sessions (Value $495)

What's Included

For only


aCCESS TO YOUR uNIQUE gENE kEYS profile + Activation Sequence through the Gene Keys Online portal (vALUE $125)

Hi! I'm Codie Lea

A BodyMind & Soul Coach and Holistic Alignment Practitioner. I have had the honor of healing the body through licensed massage therapy for the last 15 years. Holding my Master of Reiki certification, I help individuals understand, move and heal energy at a deep level.  Being a Multi Clair Medium and Shaman, I get information from expanded senses, spirit guides, ancestors and the Earth. Using all of my expertise helps me to give well rounded sessions of healing tailored to each client. 

So who is your guide?

Within the Gene Keys and Human Design, I have found a guidebook to help others understand who they are at a quantum level

To realize how to harness their full potential and live it in the world. The Gene Keys are presented through the I Ching system of 64 Gene Keys that are the letters of the language of life present in the codes of the DNA of every human. Human Design shows you your body's consciousness  as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self.  

I also help others to face their gremlins (those pesky limiting beliefs), so they can strengthen their confidence in themselves and truly trust in their own power and intuition.I help teach others that they are on the brink of a huge breakthrough, they just have to sign up for the work. It is absolutely amazing  to watch clients let go of living in a perpetual state of dissatisfaction and trade it for a life of joy and freedom. 

What you will need for this journey...

>> An open heart and mind

>> Willingness to show up and discover something new about yourself

>> A journal and pen to document your discoveries

>> Sign up for the Gene Keys Activation Sequence - course is online so a computer will be necessary

>> About an hour for online coursework per month, as well as an hour once a month for the meetups.

>> Show up to ONE of the three meetups, two in person available and one online.

“I was putting myself in a box and  playing by rules that were created internally and externally. Through working with Codie I began to realize that I don't have to live my life in accordance with preconditioned construct. Now I feel more comfortable as me.
I had to remember what comfortable felt like.” - Cat

"Codie helped me learn to truly SEE myself & my life in a different light. I've had a massive attitude change, perception change, & the best part is I FEEL so different! FINALLY I can feel my connection to the love, faith, & joy that surrounds me, & I know that I deserve great things!" - Jade 

“I can assure you I wouldn’t be the person I am without the work
Codie has helped me do. The work we’ve done together has really put me into alignment with what I feel my purpose is. Working with Codie is the best gift I have ever given myself and hands down I
would encourage anyone to give her program a chance
.” - Whitney


What supplies do I need for the course?

Pen, a journal, and a computer or access to online content and community. If you choose the Online Session, you will need to download Zoom.

What if I need to switch to online instead of in person?

 I encourage you to show up to the session you originally signed up for, but if something has come up (as life happens) you can come to one of the other classes either online or in person. Only choose one a month though. And you will need to message me in order to get the zoom link if you need to miss an in person session.

What if I miss a class? Can a writeup of what we covered be sent to me?

If you miss a class there is no way to make it up. I will not be recording the sessions as I want everyone to feel open to share. This also helps everyone feel more connected to each other. So please show up to the meetups to get the most out of this journey.

Can I bring my child with me to class?

There will not be child care available, so it is encourage that younge children stay home. If you have a teenager, or young adult you feel would be mature enough to be present, then they are welcome to come. If they are coming every session, then I suggest signing them up for the course!

How many hours will I be studying online when I commit to this?

An hour of online work and an hour for the meetups. So all together two hours are required. Hopefully you will be weaving these teachings into your day to day life, which is where the true discovery will take place.

What if I need extra help during the month?  Do you offer one-on-one sessions?

You are more than welcome to book a one on one session with me at any time. You will select Gene Keys Guided Session, and you can book that here: codielea.com/booknow.

I also encourage you to connect in the community portal and ask for help and support there. You may not be the only one with questions. This can be a great place to connect.