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I am Codie Lea. An Artist, a Soul Explorer and Coach, and a huge tea lover. I have a passion for learning new things (Self-Help junkie over here!), teaching and guiding, exploring the world, creativity in all it’s forms, and huge belly laughs. I have an ever growing tea fascination (currently crushing on home made Kombucha), and a yearning to aid others toward wholeness. I am a fun loving, generously honest, down to earth lady that would love to know you!

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Growing up with a bit of a Boho gypsy spirited mom, she introduced me to a world Self-exploration, spirituality, and authentic love. Kansas City is my hometown and a place I truly love for its amazingly friendly people, it’s support of the arts, and it’s ever growing diversity. My passion for art and creating has been in me since I was 5 (yes I still have my sketchbook from then!). I also had a huge desire to understand how our minds worked, how are hearts were developed, and how to help others in the most profound way. I followed my second passion into massage and explored the world of the Mind – Body connection, energy work, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. All the while I was in high school. Then I took my massage trade and went after a Bachelors in Fine Arts. That gave me the opportunity to travel, live in New Mexico and Italy, and see the world in a completely new way. Along the way I completed both Unleash the Power within and Mastery University through Tony Robbins, explored nature, the inner Goddess, and my connection to spirit. This journey lead me back to my hometown where I became a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics. I studied mediation, dream interpretation, manifestation and creation, and how the Body – Mind -Spirit is connected. All the while practicing and building a massage practice, coaching practice and art practice, combining all of my passions.

Wanna know what lights me up? Being a guide, a friend, aiding people on their journey toward wholeness. There is so much more to life in every moment, we just often need the right tools and the right insight to see what was always within us… My goal… connect with that small voice in you that is saying “Yes, I want to experience the beauty, magic, and joy in my life!” and help you turn the volume up and courageously follow that it. So grab a mug or tea or coffee and join me. Yoga pants are welcome, and so is laughter, honesty, and love. I am so excited to know YOU.


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