Codie Lea

So many of the chronic caretakers, myself included, have spent years putting other people before our own health and wellness. But what happens is we have nothing left to give.

Wonder Woman, it’s ok to Take off Your Cape

So often we are busting our chops to take care of the people around us that we love, that we care about. But what happens when we need to be there for ourselves?

Healing for the People Pleasers & Chronic Caretakers

I get it my friend. The struggle is real. You want to work on yourself, you want to be more positive, change your thoughts, and experience more happiness, but you are SO BUSY! But let’s take a moment, and check ourself. Are you really ‘Too Busy’ or are you just Distracting yourself? I hear it […]

Working on Yourself: Too Busy or Distracted?