30 Day Guided Coaching

with Codie Lea

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Are you ready to define what Joy, Happiness, and a deep sense of Purpose with your life truly is?

Are you ready to be grounded and centered, confident that you can handle anything life hands you with ease and grace?

Are you ready to make Joy a non-negatiable in your life? The true north of how you will guide your thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions?

Then this 30 Day Joy Experiment is 110% for you!

Joy Experiment

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>>You want TO Discover Unshakable Joy.
>>You crave a fulfilling life.


You begin here, my friend. You begin by saying YES to Joy as a Non-Negotiable in your life.

You begin by exploring and experimenting with Joy as a corner stone of your True Reality, no matter the circumstance.

You begin by saying YES to this 30 Days of Joy coaching program.

Who is this Program For?

Well now is the Time to Set her FREE!

To be left feeling like you have lost sight of not only what you truly want, but your true power. Your Joy.

And in quiet moments when you feel your inner truth rise up -- you feel for a brief moment that joyful, heart-centered, confident, soul-full, bad*ss woman hidden in the depths of your soul. 

Have You spent your life prioritizing other peoples wants and needs ahead of yours, not even allowing yourself to ask, “what do I want in this moment?”

You are awakening to the reality that, your true power comes from living your truth & your joy. Your truth & Joy is a gift. It was given to you for a reason. 

Are you working hard for everyone around you and sacrificing your health and happiness in the process?
Are you feeling empty, hopeless, and afraid that this might just be as good as it gets?

If You are a bad*ss woman that is dying to be free, ready to live boldly from a place built on inner truth, empowered with joy and freedom -- you are definitely in the right place.

I want in!

A community of Like minded women to support you

Weekly Accountability exploration work

Weekly group Coaching Call (Value $400)

Week One: What keeps your from your Joy
Week Two: Loving Your Emotions: Cultivating Joy for all expressions
Week Three: How to reframe toward Joy, No matter the circumstances
Week Four: What you, your family, & your community get to receive when you choose Joy.

Four Weeks of guided coaching (Value $495)

What to Expect...

For a limited time 



Program Begins June 1st. Sign up Now!

Hi! I'm Codie

I am a woman just like you. I used to exhaust myself hustling for worth and value, from everything outside of me, my relationships, my career, my success, my education. No matter what, it was never enough.

So who is your guide?

 I was seeking outside of me, what I needed to cultivate within. 

I saw countless women struggling to fill all the roles in their life, while at the same time berating themselves for all the ways they felt they were falling short. Sound like you?

Well that is why I created this 30 Days of Joy Coaching Program. You will explore what keeps you from your joy, your emotions, and how to reframe back to joy, no matter the circumstance. All you have to do? Sign us and say YES to Joy!

“I was putting myself in a box and  playing by rules that were created internally and externally. Through working with Codie I began to realize that I don't have to live my life in accordance with preconditioned construct. Now I feel more comfortable as me.
I had to remember what comfortable felt like.” - Cat

"Codie helped me learn to truly SEE myself & my life in a different light. I've had a massive attitude change, perception change, & the best part is I FEEL so different! FINALLY I can feel my connection to the love, faith, & joy that surrounds me, & I know that I deserve great things!" - Jade 

“I can assure you I wouldn’t be the person I am without the work
Codie has helped me do. The work we’ve done together has really put me into alignment with what I feel my purpose is. Working with Codie is the best gift I have ever given myself and hands down I
would encourage anyone to give her program a chance
.” - Whitney

Find Your Joy

Joy is a powerful gift.

It's time you give it to yourself.

And if you can cultivate it now, Trust me when I say, It will be yours for Life.

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