I was day dreaming one day…

…about how to capture a feeling into a painting. How to fuse the paint, the paint brush with energy, with love, with something that would touch the heart. I thought about energy in terms of Science, of energy just being a wave, color is a wave, light is a wave, sound is a wave. In that exact moment I connected a sound wave with the heart, and from it my first sound wave painting was created. It was a powerful moment that began an unforgettable journey, and so Heart Beat Sound Wave paintings where born.

I knew I wanted to give back, to provide these heart beat paintings as a gift to others. And so today I create Heart Beat paintings and for everyone that is purchased another one is donated to a family who has lost a child. Children are precious gifts to the world, and this is a way to give back to those who have lost.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to give back to those who have suffered such a loss. If you wish to donate you can do so Here, and all proceeds go to cover the cost of the canvas and paint.


heartbeats by codie lea

Donate to Heart Beats
Each Donation helps provide a Heart Beat Painting to a Family that has lost a child.