Do you constantly feel like you are stuck in survival mode, unable to break free from the obligations of the rate race, and all you ultimately want is a way to turn your life into a thriving life?

Are you burdened with feeling anxious about what is going to happen in the future, and what other peoples judgements are, and you’re ready to release the fears holding you back so you can finally feel true freedom?

Do you constantly feel pressure to be the PERFECT mother, father, spouse, business owner, or example of some other unrealistic expectation, and you just want permission to be your truest Self?

Then the

Retreat is for you!

Heal Out Loud!

15th, 16th, & 17th

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Price includes all events, exercises, excursions, and meals. Room Price is Separate.

*Plus the Cost of Your Room

LOCATION: The Inn on Crescent Lake in Excelsior Springs Missouri

October 2021


3 payments of


Arrive Friday, leave TRANSFORMED on Sunday.
An unforgettable full immersion experience.

You will need to book your room separately so you can have the room you love! All prices are on the Inn's Website. 

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We are going to unpack more than just your luggage this weekend!

You will learn how to:

How to know the difference between ego, intuition and spirit voice so you can move through feelings of anger resentment and numbness.

How to listen to your intuition so you can strengthen your personal and professional relationships. 

Breakthrough your stagnation in life, and step into your own personal empowerment. 

Develop a relationship with your intuition and emotions
so you can honor your own inner voice

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What happens when a Sassy Shaman meets a Witty Witch? They become best friends, duh!! Then what happens when the Sassy Shaman follows her intuition? She becomes a Body Mind and Soul Coach! And….then what happens when the Witty Witch follows her calling? She becomes a Life, Death, Health & Healing Coach! ….Add in a bunch of essential oils, energy work, oracle card reading and a mission to help others “HEAL OUT LOUD”...and you have the Sassy Soul Sisters!

Who are we?

Hi! We are Codie and Heather, the Sassy Soul Sisters. We aren’t actually sisters, but we are conjoined at the soul. We are here on a mission - a crazy wild ride of healing, integrating, balance and authenticity. And we invite you to join us! From watching our videos on healing out loud, to booking a sassy soul session..and everything in between...we are excited to connect with you!

Heather & Codie

Meet Codie

Meet Heather

We offer Sassy Soul Sessions! These sessions are for all stages and ages of life….whether you feel like you're on shit island and can’t get free - or you're exhausted, overwhelmed and underpaid - or you just don’t know but you know that life needs to feel better than this. 

Sassy Soul Sessions

Sassy Soul Amy Peterson

When asking our community what Heal Out Loud means to them, Amy wrote: You being honest with yourself!

1000% Agree Amy!

Sassy Soul Lindsey

Codie and Heather's light and easy interpretation of cosmic messages each week are fun and full of heart. They give me a little something extra to look forward to on Mondays!


Heather gave me a Star Seeds reading recently. I was just looking for a sign that I was on the right path. The cards seemed to be straight from the Universe telling me to keep going and to give it my all. The cards were reassuring, but the best part was the direction and commentary Heather offered. I cried, and I am not overly emotional like that. She has a way with guiding you and helping you find the answers within yourself. 

Who is this FOR?

A Sassy Soul who wants to hang out with an intimate group of cool Sassy Souls! 

A Sassy Soul looking for a unique healing experience and a deep dive 

A Sassy Soul wanting to go on a journey of inner healing, not just a tour

A Sassy Soul looking for a nurturing profound experience for mind and body 

A Sassy Soul wanting to start or increase their inner healing, learn calming techniques, learn about passion, focus, energy and body/mind connection. 

A Sassy Soul ready to spread good vibes and who understands that what you put in is what you will get out of the retreat 

A Sassy Soul ready to learn how to be more present in life and have fun while doing it 

Who this is

Anyone who cannot put their phone down for the weekend. We want you to have fun, take photos and enjoy but to disconnect as much as possible for the weekend. 

Anyone who is not ready to show up for the inner work that needs to be done. This is a deep dive retreat, we will go deep and some parts may be uncomfortable. We will provide a safe space for healing. 

Anyone who does not want to shift their mental attitude or who cannot be open to new things. We create a safe container for healing so each person can be authentically themselves. Deep healing does require reimagining old systems of beliefs. 

Anyone not committed to taking 100% responsibility for their life, emotions, and healing. We have no room for blame and shame.


How do I book my room?

You will find all of the rooms, availability and booking at 
You will need to call the Inn at 816-630-6745 to confirm the room you want is available and to book. Once you have purchased your retreat ticket on the retreat page, let the Inn know you are with the Sassy Soul Sisters Heal Out Loud retreat and would like to book. They will get you all set. If you have any questions about lodging you can contact us directly or call the Inn.

Inn on Cresent Lake Policies -

Smoking – The Inn on Crescent Lake is a non-smoking establishment; however, we offer designated areas outside to accommodate our smoking guests. Smoking is permitted ONLY in these designated areas. If we discover that you have smoked in your room, a minimum $250 fee will be charged for professional cleaning and sterilization. If irreparable damage of any type is discovered, you also will be charged for all costs incurred to restore the room to its original condition.
Pets -For the comfort of all our guests, we regret that no pets are allowed. Service animals are permitted. If you are in need of a pet sitter or pet boarding for the weekend, please contact Heather for resources. 

The Inns Cancelation Policy – Once a reservation has been booked, any subsequent change is subject to a $25 handling fee. Due to the unique nature of the inn and its sleeping rooms, please be advised that cancellations within 14 days of your scheduled arrival must be charged in full despite the cancellation. Although we cannot guarantee that the rooms will rebook, we will make every effort to rebook your room in the event of a late cancellation and will credit your account to the extent that your room is rebooked.

Parking – Private parking is available to all guests at no additional charge. 

ADA Compliant Rooms - Please contact the Inn on Crescent Lake with any questions about handicap accessibility. Phone: (816) 630-6745

Retreat Cancelation Policy -

Full Refund if canceled on or before September 15th.
50% Refund if canceled between September 16th - September 30th.
No refund if canceled on or after October 1st.

What does Dry Retreat mean?

A dry retreat means that no alcohol will be served during the retreat, even at meals. We ask that participants abstain from drugs / alcohol during the length of the retreat.

What kind of meals will be provided?

Americana cuisine will be provided during the stay at the Inn. Dinner on Friday, 3 Meals on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday. If you have dietary restrictions, the Inn is happy to work with you on meeting your needs. Please contact Heather and Codie with questions! 

Can my spouse and I come?

Yes absolutely! Please make sure you both create clear boundaries with each other so that you can show up fully and do the healing work. Sometimes, in intimate relationships, we hide pieces of ourselves and our emotions. We want to encourage you to remember this retreat is a place to be seen and heard. We want you to feel comfortable to experience that. 

Can I share a room with a spouse or a friend?

Yes absolutely, but please read the question/answer under “can my spouse and I come?"

I can't arrive until Saturday, can I still come?

Unfortunately No. This is a full immersion retreat. Please contact us for other future retreat dates/seminars/workshops. 

How far from the airport is the Inn on Cresent Lake?

28.5 Miles and approximately 36 mins.

Is travel included?

Travel to and from the Inn on Crescent Lake is not included. 

Can I bring my children?

Not for this event. This is an adult event for participants 18 years of age and older. 

Will this retreat help me heal?

Healing is a personal experience. Your trained guides will be there to help you along the way. We will create a container for healing that is a safe and a sacred space for all. The Healing during the retreat will help to motivate care for yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically - better understand triggers to help improve relationships - know the sound of your own self - help to start to overcome the past to have enhanced clarity for your purpose in this world.  Your healing is ultimately your responsibility. 

What are the prices of the rooms?

To find the prices for the rooms you can check it out on the Inn on Cresent Lake website here:

Please note that to book you must call and see what rooms are available. You can not book online as the weekend has been blocked from online booking so that people not related or going to the retreat don't booked. So please call them for availability of rooms and to book.